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Customer Reviews

Delivery was fast. Product is as per description and picture. Love it so much. Thank you

22 October 2021

Terbaik....penghantaran yg cepat dan terima dalam bungkusan yang baik.

21 October 2021

Order 3/10, ship 4/10, received 6/10 by J&T. Item received in satisfactory condition. Packed into courier bag. Expire 5/2022. The clear pack is economical pack, RM2.

20 October 2021

Ordered on 25/9/2021, received in good condition on 2/10/2021.

19 October 2021

Thank you seller for the 2 free mini packs of seaweed flavour. Usually bought the orange one and it’s always been my top favourite. Excited to try out the rest!

18 October 2021